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About dental bridges

Dental bridges were one of the first methods of restoring a lost tooth until the advent of dental implants.

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Restoring missing teeth with a dental bridge


  • More affordable than a dental implant
  • Takes 7 working days
  • Does not require surgery


  • 2 neighboring teeth are sacrificed
  • The nerve is often removed from neighboring teeth
  • The bridge has space under it up to the gum which retains food debris
  • Aesthetically does not look as good as a dental implant
  • Overloads neighboring teeth in time

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The bridge can be made of metal-ceramics or zirconium.

Metal-ceramics has an internal metal structure, on which ceramics are applied. Either titanium or chromium-cobalt is used for dental work. The latter rarely causes allergies, does not oxidize and can be made by digital technologies that ensure maximum precision and minimum weight of the prosthesis. However, the need to mask the metal decreases its aesthetic properties.

The zirconium used at the dental bridge is a superior alternative to metal-ceramics, having mostly the same construction: a zirconium housing, on which the ceramic is applied. Zirconium, however, is white or tooth-colored, which gives it an aesthetic appearance superior to metal-ceramics.