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A smiling person is a healthy person, confident in himself and in the world around him. We do our best to make our patients smile wider everyday.

Today is a good day for a new change

A smile is one of the most valuable gifts you can offer to yourself and the people around you.

Solutions for a full smile Image

Solutions for a full smile

Dental implants

Tooth loss is a problem that must be addressed in a timely manner, otherwise, treatment becomes increasingly difficult and expensive.

Our surgical solutions are designed to shorten the treatment time and make the interventions minimally invasive, in the conditions of an operating room and day stationary.

Solutions for a flawless smile Image

Solutions for a flawless smile


Depending on your clinical case, there are many methods to restore damaged teeth: direct restorations, veneers or dental crowns.

Our aesthetic solutions preserve a natural appearance and volume of your teeth. With minimum teeth preparation, we will improve the aesthetics and preserve the function of the affected teeth.

Solutions for an aligned smile Image

Solutions for an aligned smile


Healthy teeth can be aligned at any age, and technological advances have made treatments more comfortable and less visible. Today, several solutions are available for a flawless tooth alignment.

Your orthodontist will help you choose the right solution to straighten your teeth naturally, genuinely, without risk to adjacent anatomical structures and without affecting your lifestyle.

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It is our priority to offer affordable dental treatments. An accurate estimate of the implicit costs of the treatment you need can be made after consulting a specialist. The individual treatment plan is then developed, tailored to your needs and budget.

If necessary, we offer the possibility of gradual payment, as treatment progresses.

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