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Congratulations on taking the first step towards better oral health. We are here to offer you the most efficient and modern dental solutions, which will solve both the problems of good functionality of the oral cavity and the aesthetic ones.

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Name of the service
Price, MDL
Opening of the abscess and its antiseptic treatment
Typical tooth extraction
Atypical tooth extraction
Impacted tooth extraction
1 000
Apical resection
Transcrestal sinus lift
2 000
Lateral sinus lift
9 000
4 000
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Implant Tag
4 000
Implant Dentium
6 000
Implant Bredent
8 000
Implant Nobel Biocare
10 000
Healing abutment Tag
Healing abutment Dentium
Healing abutment Bredent
1 250
Healing abutment Nobel Biocare
1 500
All-on-4 Dentium
40 000
All-on-4 Bredent
52 000
All-on-6 Dentium
50 000
All-on-6 Bredent
70 000
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Silicone mouth guard
Hard mouth guard
1 500
Removable partial denture
2 200
Removable total denture
3 500
Metal-ceramic crown
1 800
Zirconia crown
3 200
Ceramic crown
4 200
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Adjustment appointment
Metallic braces Dentaurum
16 000
Ceramic braces Dentaurum
22 000
Sapphire braces Dentaurum
30 000
Self-ligating braces Damon Q
28 000
Self-ligating braces Damon Clear
44 000
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Professional teeth cleaning
Cavity treatment
Endodontic treatment
Endodontic retreatment
Aesthetic restoration
2 000
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Gingivectomy (1 - 4 teeth)
1 500
Coronary elongation (1 tooth)
1 000
Treatment of gingival retraction (1 tooth)
1 500
Open field curettage (1 - 4 teeth)
1 500
Vestibuloplasty with the application of A-PRF membranes
4 500
Name of the service
Price, MDL
Retro-alveolar radiography
Panoramic radiography
Lateral cephalometric
Partial CBCT
CBCT (1 jaw)
CBCT (2 jaws)

Frequently asked questions

In the 20 years of experience we have managed to identify the most common questions and concerns of patients. If your question is not listed below, feel free to contact our support team, who will be happy to provide an answer.

How long does the consultation take?

The consultation lasts about 30 minutes, during which the doctor will perform a clinical examination and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Who will consult me?

At Masterdent, doctors specialize in branches of expertise. Depending on the problem you have addressed, the consultation will be made by the specialist doctor in the respective branch. In some complex cases, "medical councils" are performed where 3 doctors with different specialties participate in the consultation.

Do I need an x-ray?

Paraclinical investigations (radiographs, computed tomography) are necessary to establish a correct diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan. Following the clinical examination, the doctor determines what kind of x-ray is needed. X-rays are performed in our clinic. If you have an older x-ray, you can bring it, it may be useful.

Can I come to the consultation without an appointment?

Every patient is treated with great care, and this takes time. In order to be able to perform the examination without omitting details and to establish a correct diagnosis but also to explain the treatment methods, the consultations must take place quietly and without haste, and the appointments help us in this regard.

How much does the consultation cost?

The consultation is free, if you choose to continue the treatment with us. Otherwise, the price will be 200 lei.

Is it possible to consult online with the establishment of the treatment plan?

In order to establish a treatment plan, it is necessary to go to a physical consultation. The separate radiographic examination can give us an overview, but it is not enough to understand the situation in essence and to establish the treatment plan.

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