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About dental implants

The dental implant is a medical device inserted into the maxillary bone through surgery, thus replacing the root of the missing tooth. Above it is fixed the dental crown, which will functionally and aesthetically replace the lost tooth.

The dental implant is made of a biocompatible material, usually titanium, and has variable sizes, which the specialist chooses at the planning stage.

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Identical to natural teeth
Dental implants look, feel and function like natural teeth. They allow you to bite and chew naturally.

Save the bone
Dental implants prevent the absorption of bone in the place where the tooth was lost.

Save teeth
Unlike dental bridges, dental implant treatment keeps neighboring teeth intact and keeps other teeth in their natural position.

A permanent solution
With proper maintenance, dental implants can last for many years. To get this result, you need to take care of them. As with natural teeth, you need to come for routine check-ups and regular professional hygiene. If the approach is right, dental implants can last a lifetime.

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Full mouth rehabilitation

All-on-X or Fast and Fixed methods allows the number of implants and surgeries to be reduced. This innovative solution allows durable, aesthetic and lightweight prosthesis, even in cases with a high level of difficulty.

This method differs by the immediate aesthetic result, provided by fixing a temporary prosthesis, for the healing period of the implants. The permanent prosthesis is then applied.

In cases where both arches are prosthetic, a combination of materials is recommended. Thus, for the upper part we will use zirconium, and for the lower one dental composite.

Zirconium prostheses are aesthetic, durable, do not stain over time, but are difficult to repair in case of fracture. They are especially suitable for the upper part, being most often visible during speech.

For the lower arch, which must be more resistant and cope with the shocks produced by mastication, we recommend a more malleable material, metal-acrylic. This material is more affordable, and has become very popular on the market due to its shiny luster and aesthetics, which does not yield to zirconium. Repairing and maintaining these prostheses is simpler and less expensive.

Fast and Fixed - a decision that will change your life

Enjoy an immediate, safe and lasting result

Structure of a dental implant

The screw replaces the root of the lost tooth. For better bone fixation it is equipped with turns on the entire transverse side. The medical titanium component, coated with biologically active microelements, ensures fast healing and long use.

The prosthetic abutment mimics the polished tooth. The material of the abutment can be made of medical titanium or zirconium, at the patient's choice. Zirconium is especially recommended for the anterior area, where the titanium abutment can be visible or can be seen through the thin gum.

The crown restores the dental part of the oral cavity. It is fixed over the prosthetic abutment and can also be selected individually by the patient. The crown can be made of metal-ceramic, integral ceramic or zirconium.